YWCA Metro Vancouver





Winner: YWCA Metro Vancouver, a multi-service organization serving over 55,000 people annually through 43 programs.

Crabtree Housing has helped me in so many ways. The support and encouragement I was given to make healthy, life changing choices was the most important piece for me. I was able to overcome my addiction to drugs. I was able to end toxic relationships and get a full-time job. I successfully regained custody of my daughter within a year. I take pride in providing for my daughter today and I am forever grateful to Crabtree’s staff, programs and the clean, safe apartment I lived in while making the most important decisions of my life. Nora

The initiative: YWCA Crabtree Corner Housing provides 12 units of safe transitional housing and supports for young women who are recovering from drug and/or alcohol addictions and who are pregnant, have recently given birth, are currently parenting or are working to regain custody of their children.

  • Housing and supports are for up to 18 months
  • Initiatives to reduce barriers to affordable long-term housing such as grants to clear outstanding utility and housing debts
  • Resources to support personal and professional development

Impact for young mothers:

  • Support in recovering from drug and/or alcohol use
  • Success in connecting with other community resources
  • Opportunity to develop social and community networks
  • Pregnant women delivering healthy babies and retaining custody or regaining custody
  • Securing long-term housing after leaving Crabtree Corner
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