Les Habitations L’Escalier









Winner: Les Habitations L’Escalier, a youth employment organization operating in Montréal and the Eastern Townships of Québec

For several months now, I’ve been living at a shelter called l’Escalier. I also work at Distributions l’Escalier, and it’s my first job! With this job, I am also able to work from time to time at their Champêtreries farm. I like it there because you are constantly moving and learning new things! This experience allows me to meet new people and it also give me a place to relax and escape the stress of the city. I love it! Living and working at l’Escalier pushes me to think about my future. This has made me realize that I want to go back to school. The intervention team at home and work are very happy with my work and this gives me more confidence. Now I know how to cultivate onions! Before I didn’t even know that you had to rip the onions out of the earth.

The initiative: La Ferme aux Champêtreries, a job entry program for young adults aged 18 to 30 who face barriers in accessing employment due to low educational achievement, lack of work experience, prior problems with addictions, family instability, and/or a precarious financial situation.

  • Paid work placement for 6 months on a farm
  • Partnerships with local employers in the region facilitates participants finding employment at the end of the placement

Impact for youth:

  •  Develop transferable technical, personal and social skills
  • Gain work experience in horticulture, agriculture, cooking, distribution, warehouse operations, and customer service
  • Skill development makes integration into community, education or occupational pursuits easier
  • Experience being members of a community  
  • In 2011-12: 6 months after placement, 55 % of participants had work, 26% had returned to school, and 3 % embarked on a new training program
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