Choices for Youth

Choices For YouthChoices for Youth, providing community housing and lifestyle development supports for youth inSt. John’s NL.

The initiative: Train for Trades is a 10 month employment program that uses construction and energy efficiency retro-fit as the vehicle to train and employ youth through:

  • Basic safety and construction training for youth participants, including training in framing, insulation and vapour barriers
  • Undertaking home energy efficiency retro-fits for low income families in partnership with a local social housing provider, public sector union, government agencies, community organizations and local businesses
  • Intensive support to help youth navigate a personal plan for success and attain the stability they need to move forward in their lives, and overcome their own barriers

Impact for youth:

  • Reduced homelessness
  • Job related training, wages, and employment experience in the trades
  • Higher level of education through access to on-site GED program and opportunities to pursue post secondary education, training, and apprenticeship programs
  • Learning strategies to encourage social enterprise and self employment opportunities for youth
  • Reduced dependency on income support programs
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